FSKTM Annual Dinner.

Fuhh fuhh hari ni baru ada masa nak update blog. Padahal dah sampai rumah since Jumaat hari tu lagi. 

I went to FSKTM annual dinner last Thursday. Ika invited me to sing few songs to fill in the slot persembahan. Honestly,  I have no idea how on earth dia boleh terfikir to invite me to sing. Suara dah la tak sedap. Biasa-biasa je. And, the moment she invited me, I denied. I gave macam-macam alasan to her. I told her I wanna go back on the 1st of June and I've bought the ticket and I'm not confident I can perform in front of a large crowd because I've never done such thing before. But she insisted. She even offer to pay for the new ticket to Perak. 

Selepas berfikir-fikir, I think why not I just accept her invitation and gain new experience. So, I decided to help her. So, I agree to perform during that night. I chose When You Say Nothing At All by Ronan Keating and Resipi Berkasih by Achik & Nana for duet song. The performance went well that night though I know my voice sangat lah terribly awful :(

The good thing about me accepting her invitation is that I made few new friends in just one day. I got to know some of my juniors (1st year students) and also made friends with those in the same batch with me but in different courses. They are a bunch of friendly people. Me so like it. Wish to know them longer. And I realise one thing, I have wasted 2 years of my degree life. How I wish I can turn back time and go back to my very first day I registered for degree. And then, be active, join macam-macam program, kenal ramai orang, handle event macam-macam. But I know it's too late now. It is so sad to think about it :/

Anyways here are some photos during that night. Video performance tak perlu upload kot sebab tak nak korang berdarah telinga. Let me keep it to myself. 

Memburu Kerang

Finally, I got to eat this famous kerang goreng/bakar with sambal kacang. Not bad. Quite tasty but the kerangs were quite small. Tak puas. Should serve the big big kerangs. The price was kinda meh. RM 6 per bowl. I ordered Nasi Goreng Kampung, a bowl of kerang sambal and a bowl of ABC. Total price is RM12.50. The ABC cost me about RM2.50. There are also satay, and other goreng-goreng food like nasi goreng, mee goreng, etc etc. 

There are actually two places that sell this kerang goreng sambal. And both kedai located quite far from each other. We went to the first kedai. The view there is to die for. Really calming and relaxing as a place to chill lepak-lepak makan and sembang with friends. But unfortunately, the kedai owner decied to tutp on every tuesday. I don't know why dalam banyak-banyak hari dalam seminggu, they decided to close on tuesday. WHYYY?? And, why on earth we decided to go there on tuesday?? Very the malang liao. Then, we just lepak-lepak situ ambil gambar kejap before heading to the second place. Thank god the second place tu kedai semua buka. The view pun not bad juga. Quite nice. So we enjoyed the food until it is almost Isya'. Realising that, we went straight to the nearest Masjid right after habis makan to perform Maghrib and went back home. 

Weeeueww, what a short escape! I definitely gonna come back to the first kedai but surely not on tuesday. 


The kind of little thing that people do to me that I will treasure forever. Thank you :)